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Abugov-Kaspar was invited to collaborate on a conceptual master plan for Calgary’s East Village, a riverfront site comprising brownfield parcels, vacant warehousing, and a handful of apartment blocks. This largely derelict site is directly east of downtown, and has long been viewed by the City as a high priority for redevelopment. Our plan provides massing concepts, visualisations, and shadow studies intended to guide the City in seeing the possibilities for creating a high density, mixed-use community.

  • The urban design derives from a vision of a mixed use community tied together with a strong public sphere. To this end, our work draws on new urbanist principles of dense, walkable design marked by quality of place.
  • Our design incorporates pedestrian thoroughfares and squares with street furniture and a riverside walkway.
  • A water canal terminates in a feature pond, all made possible by the riverside setting. The waterway provides year-round recreational opportunities such as boating and skating; walkways lining the canal include benches and rest points, reinforcing the pedestrian orientation of the site.
  • Building massing combines high-rise residential and office use, wherein tower setbacks at the 3rd to 5th storey help to reinforce a human scale of development at street level. Building podiums provide retail, hospitality, and professional services, helping to create a complete community.
  • The design also preserves an existing heritage warehouse building to be adapted for new uses.

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