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Walden Age Care Walden Age Care Walden Age Care Walden Age Care Walden Age Care Walden Age Care

Abugov-Kaspar provided architectural and interior design of this new 4-storey, LEED-certified facility. Walden AgeCare provides 127 long-term care and independent living units in a facility widely recognized for setting a new standard for aging care homes. As with all of our long-term care projects, the well-being of the facility clientele is the foremost design consideration. Walden residents will enjoy comforts equivalent to or better than those of their own homes.

  • The building program includes multiple kitchen, dining, and lounge areas, along with spa, exercise, and salon amenities.
  • Staff resources included nurse and medical rooms, laundries, and an office component with a separate kitchen.
  • The warmth and comfort of the interior is enriched through materials, finishes, and furnishings.
  • Colours are carefully chosen for their functionality in way finding, and for context-specific psychological and emotional effects.

Learn about our architectural work on this project here.

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