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The Swine and Sow The Swine and Sow The Swine and Sow The Swine and Sow The Swine and Sow

The Swine and Sow is in a heritage building dating from 1913, and is the former site of The Parkerhouse, a restaurant also designed by Abugov-Kaspar. Based on our original design, the owner was confident in our ability to update the restaurant interior to better suit a new business approach.

The client wanted to move away from a formal restaurant setting to create an environment that would draw an after-business crowd, capitalizing on the downtown Calgary location.

  • A long bar was introduced, along with booths and pub tables to help create an informal, social atmosphere.
  • White paint brightens the space, particularly on the mezzanine and along the glazed wall facing out to 5th Avenue; red leather and accents add intensity to the design.
  • Several TVs were introduced to entice a sport-oriented crowd.
  • The redesign retains some features of the Art Deco-themed Parkerhouse, including banded wood details and extraordinary blown-glass chandeliers.

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