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AltaLink is located in the Golder Building, for which we provided working drawings, permits, and contract administration services. With our knowledge of the base building, it was a natural choice for AltaLink to retain Abugov-Kaspar for interior design services.

As with many of our office interiors, our design makes use of the client’s existing corporate identity: colour choices and designs of flooring and finishes reflect the AltaLink brand.

  • A graphic entry feature illustrating a transmission tower helps to convey a narrative about the company, complemented by flooring that makes use of a palette evoking Alberta’s agricultural landscape.
  • The office includes open cubicle space, private offices, and meeting rooms that use glazing to maintain continuity of light and space with the open office.
  • AltaLink has become a repeat client, for whom we have completed subsequent work.

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