Penn West +15

Homburg Harris +15 Homburg Harris +15 Homburg Harris +15 Homburg Harris +15

Part of downtown Calgary’s elevated “Plus-15” walkway system, this walkway will be located along 9th Avenue at the end of 2nd Street S.W. and will reach from Penn West Plaza to the Gulf Canada Square in a sweeping curve that will become Calgary’s longest Plus-15.

The design involves a single mast with radial cable supports, giving the walkway a pendulous appearance, and drawing attention to its location as an important visual stop at the end of 2nd Street.

  • LED-illuminated exterior panels will line the north side of the curved portion of the walkway.
  • The interior design rationale treats the walkway as more than a purely functional transition; the design includes public furniture and a south wall capable of hosting public art and other displays.
  • Interior details echo the radial design of the suspension cables, unifying the overall design.
  • The walkway will enclose the curved ramp leading into the Gulf Canada Square parkade, enriching the site visually with greatly improved urban design.

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