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Abugov-Kaspar has provided architectural and interior design for Novatel, a leading GPS company, on multiple projects over the course of nearly twenty years. Our partnership began in the 1990s with construction of the company’s two-storey office, research, and manufacturing centre. Since then, we have provided architectural services for building additions, along with interior design services through a number of renovations.

Architecturally, the main entry of the building pays homage to the history of global positioning, resembling in plan the design of an astrolabe, an early navigational ancestor of GPS. In elevation, forms and materials interleave in a kinetic design that upsets distinctions between interior and exterior; a triangular reveal ties the design to the company’s logo and brand.

Novatel’s business creates complex design challenges:

  • Intelligence and research theft are serious threats in Novatel’s field; our design had to accommodate building security features sufficient to protect the company’s proprietary work.
  • Static control is incorporated into all building components, due to the sensitive nature of electronics research and manufacturing.
  • Rooftop building systems could not protrude over the parapet, so as to minimize interference with Novatel’s antennae systems. The design also provides for convenient rooftop access for the maintenance of these systems.

Learn about our interior work on this project here.

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