Alberta Hotel and Annex

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The Alberta Hotel and Annex is a landmark historic building at the intersection of Stephen Avenue and 1st Street SW. Built from 1888-1890, the Hotel is Calgary’s oldest existing hotel building, distinctive for its sandstone construction and roundhead windows.

  • The building is designated as a Municipal Historic Resource, and is part of the Stephen Avenue National Historic Site of Canada.
  • Abugov•Kaspar provided architectural and interior renovations to create retail spaces at and below grade, with a restaurant above.The scope of work included restoration of the original facade and interior walls, with the addition of upgrades to windows, building envelope, electrical, and mechanical systems.
  • Murrieta’s, the top floor restaurant, extends through what was formerly an interior light well. We developed a restaurant floorplate enclosed by the sandstone and brick exteriors of the Hotel and Annex, with an open atrium below a large skylight. Read more about our interior work on Murrieta's here.
  • The Cellar, a wine merchant located below grade in the building's former boiler room, is accessed from a separate entrance on Stephen Avenue. Read more about our interior work on The Cellar here.

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