110 Tower

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A mixed-use development, the 29-storey 110 Tower will combine office, residential and retail space in Calgary’s Victoria Park neighborhood. At just over 100m in height, the building will act as a symbolic gateway from downtown to the Beltline Communities.

The architecture conveys variations in programming outwardly through form and materials. Vernacular details of the site’s historic context are juxtaposed with contemporary motifs and materials to create a visual counterpoint. The 7,000 sq ft. retail podium will contribute to an active pedestrian streetscape with multiple entryways, glazing, classical articulation, and a human scale. A portico extending the length of the north and west elevations provides natural shelter for pedestrians. The tower will be set back from the retail podium, allowing for rooftop amenity space. Over 300,000 sq ft. of office space employs brick construction typical of the Warehouse District. Flat, rectangular wall planes are segmented by vertical curtain walls, emphasizing the height of the office component. The residential section is offset from the rest of the building, enhancing mountain and downtown views. Curtain walls allow for ample daylighting of units, all of which enjoy large terraces that elaborate the building’s form.

  • Total gross floor area is 31 716 m2 / 330 624 sq ft
  • Office space is 7800 m / 83958 sq ft
  • Retail space is 584 m / 6286 sq ft
  • User amenity space is 457 m / 4924 sq ft
  • Suites comprise 19738 m / 212 470 sq ft
  • The tower includes 6 levels below grade parking
  • Suites are divided into 90 1-bedroom units and 132 2-bedroom units for a total of 222

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