Introducing Mike Barevich

Mike Barevich

Mike Barevich brings a penchant for technology and a love of design to his role as Architectural Technologist.

Hailing from Airdrie, Mike is the newest member of the team at Abugov Kaspar, joining the company this past September. A recent graduate of SAIT’s Architectural Technology program, Mike comes by his interest in architecture naturally. Growing up with a father working in the construction industry, Mike learned to love pouring over architectural drawings at an early age. Seeing how builders interpreted drawings to create structures made a lasting impression.

Nevertheless, the path to the architecture industry wasn’t straight forward. Fresh out of high school, Mike started out in Mount Royal University’s Marketing program. Picking up work in the field led him to the realization that he didn’t enjoy marketing as much as he’d hoped, and so he cut his losses and pursued something closer to his heart. His love of skating led him through a series of rink-related roles, finally becoming the Man Driving the Zamboni at Calgary’s West Side Recreation Centre. 

As much as he enjoyed the work and atmosphere of the arena, being married and starting a family required pursuing a career with more possibilities. Getting back to basics, Mike turned his love of design and youthful fascination with architecture into a professional gambit, enrolling in SAIT’s Technologist program. He’s an early adapter of new technology, and his career path really came into focus as he began picking up on the capabilities of programs like Revit.

Asking Mike about his family connection to the construction industry, he’s quick to explain that it’s as much a matter of lifestyle as a profession. For as long as he can remember, his family has always worked on home renovations, even building a house for a relative. Add to this an intrepid spirit that led Mike’s father to temporarily relocate the family to Sri Lanka for a large project, and it’s easy to see how Mike has learned to welcome new opportunities and experiences. 

We don’t offer much in the way of elephants or Zambonis, but we expect to keep Mike busy with many challenges in the coming months.

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