Abugov Kaspar Looks Back on 25 Years

Abugov Kaspar | 25+ Years

“In Calgary, it’s hard to wander anywhere without coming across an Abugov-Kaspar project.” – David Parker, The Calgary Herald

That’s a pretty accurate observation. In the last 25 years, we have completed residential and office towers, many aging care homes, multi-family residential developments from single, mixed-use buildings to master-planned multi-building projects, retail parks of all shapes and size, and ground-breaking mixed-use buildings like the Atlantic Avenue Art Block in Inglewood.

Mr. Parker also notes that we “have a reputation as the go-to firm for adaptive reuse of historic buildings”. Our many such projects along Stephen Avenue, the Royop Block, and the recently-completed Biscuit Block underscore his point.

We take particular pride in Mr. Parker’s observation that we have maintained relationships with past clients, including clients of Abugov & Sunderland, the firm where both Bruce and Frank cut their teeth prior to establishing Abugov-Kaspar. One such client is Edmonton’s Triple Five, who retained Abugov-Kaspar as prime consultant on American Dream Meadowlands, in Meadowlands, New Jersey. This massive project, now under construction, includes design of an indoor amusement park, water park, a hotel, and a connector volume tying the recreational facilities to the main portion of this destination shopping centre.

With a very busy roster of current projects, a growing complement of staff, and the launch of a (this!) refreshed website courtesy of our friends at ci2group, the firm is in a good place and is looking forward to 2015!

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