Gilchrist Manor Offers Affordable Housing for Seniors in Calgary’s Northeast

Gilchrist Manor Affordable Housing for Seniors building

Gilchrist Manor affordable housing for seniors is a new, 61- unit building that complements an existing facility at Gilchrist Gardens in Calgary’s Northeast.

IFC Construction

This new building was recently completed using insulated concrete form construction, a wall system providing excellent energy efficiency. Using insulated concrete form (IFC) in a building of this scale is an ambitious and innovative undertaking. Typically, IFC is used in smaller applications, especially for single family homes. It was a challenge erecting four-storey walls with this technology, but the result is a building envelope with a superb performance.

The concept behind insulated concrete form construction is simple. ICF uses rigid insulation forms for cast-in-place concrete; when the concrete is set, the forms remain in place, sandwiching the concrete between two layers of insulation. The result is a simplified wall assembly that is non-combustible and provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. 

ICF walls are typically load-bearing, rate very well for fire resistance, and are not susceptible to moisture and rot.

Not only does IFC provide excellent insulation, it helps ensure a peaceful experience for building tenants by virtue of its acoustic insulating properties. This might prove important, given the close proximity of a high school and recreation centre! 

EIFS Cladding

In designing with IFC, having a suitable cladding system is also important. Gilchrist Manor affordable housing for seniors makes use of EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system) cladding, with a variety of attractive finishes that function will with the IFC technology.

More to Come

Gilchrist Manor is the second building on the Gilchrist Gardens site; Abugov Kaspar is designing a third building intended to provide the facility with supportive living options for seniors. Stay tuned for more information as this project develops over the next couple of years.

Find out more about Abugov Kaspar’s work on Gilchrist Manor affordable housing for seniors here.

Gilchrist Manor Front View

Gilchrist Manor Front View | Abugov Kaspar

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