A Fresh Look for 17th and 9a Street SW

Commercial Renovation | 17th Avenue & 9a Street SW

Abugov Kaspar Architecture | Urban Design | Engineering | Interior Design was prime consultant for this commercial renovation, breathing some new life into an existing 2-storey office building on Calgary’s 17th Avenue at 9a Street SW.

The dated design of the original facade used brown tinted glazing, concrete, and painted metal panels – an aesthetic rooted firmly in the 1970s. By comparison, our upgrade transforms the building into an expression of light and grace. 

We redesigned the facade, adding a new ramp, steps, and a new volume enclosed by a curtain wall stepping out from the original building footprint at the NE corner of the site.

New lighting, canopied entries, and bright cladding with banded details and glazing give the building a bold and contemporary street presence.

The original site included a small parking lot to the west of the existing building. As with many commercial renovations, our design responded to the owner’s desire to maximize the site’s potential by increasing the building’s leasable floor area. We achieved this by adding two commercial retail units over the existing parking lot, while we increased lane-accessible parking to the rear of the building.

17th Avenue and 9a Street SW, Calgary

17th Avenue and 9a Street SW, Calgary

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This is only one of several recent commercial renovations carried out by Abugov Kaspar in the vicinity of 17th Avenue SW.

Considering that this commercial avenue is such a popular destination for shopping, bars, and restaurants, Abugov Kaspar’s work in this area places a great deal of importance on how our buildings interact with the public realm.

Along with Highstreet House, Mount Royal Village, and Mount Royal Village West, this project reflects Abugov Kaspar’s commitment to improving the quality of Calgary’s built environment.

Take a look next time you are on 17th Avenue – you really can’t miss this bright and beautiful building. Read more about this commercial renovation here, and compare photos of the original building with our redesign.

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