Enforcement of the National Energy Code for Buildings is Two Months Away

The clock is ticking down on Alberta’s new Energy Code for Buildings.

The Code is adapted from the National Energy Code for Buildings 2011, and came into effect in Alberta on November 1, 2015.

Following a year-long transition period, the National Energy Code for Buildings comes into enforcement in Alberta as of November 1, 2016. From that date, all Building Permit applications must demonstrate compliance with the new Code.

The National Energy Code for Buildings has implications for the real estate development industry, with the introduction of new standards for building performance. In many cases, these standards outpace the performance of widely used building systems such as conventional curtain walls. 

Paths for Achieving Code Compliance

There are multiple paths for achieving compliance with the new Building Code, including a prescriptive path, trade-off path, and performance path.

The performance path offers the greatest design flexibility, allowing for trade-offs between building systems as long as the design can be demonstrated to use equivalent or less energy as the same building designed to the prescriptive path.

However, demonstrating compliance via the performance path requires approved energy modelling software.

Abugov Kaspar Architecture | Urban Design | Engineering | Interior Design is working closely with our engineering partners to ensure that we are providing clients with expert advice in navigating how these changes will affect your projects.

More detailed information on the differences between these compliance paths is available by following the links listed below. 

Links on the National Energy Code for Buildings, 2011

For more information about the upcoming changes:

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